A classically trained ballet dancer, Rouxchelle began studying Pilates in 2000 and completed her STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training course in 2005. Since then, she has evolved into one of the world’s most renowned Pilates instructors. Her teaching methodology includes a unique and profound experience about levels of body awareness. She runs teacher training courses and daily pilates classes from the studio she co-founded with her husband on the Gold Coast. 
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Rouxchelle is fully certified in STOTT PILATES® and has obtained International Instructor Trainer qualifications for the entire STOTT PILATES® repertoire, Total Barre™ & Halo® Training.


She is also a Instructor for Total Barre™, CORE™, Fascial Movement, ZEN-GA™ & Halo® Training.


Her journey is continuing and her commitment and passion is evident to all her STOTT PILATES® extended family.

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